Happy Birthday, Git!

Git turns 13 today…which means it is officially in its angsty teenage years! To celebrate, I’m doing a week-long miniseries on Git.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming up:

  • Monday: Git 101

    • Have you heard all the cool kids talking about this magical thing called Git? Want to know what all the fuss is about but not sure where to start? Applying for a job fresh out of college? This is the lesson for you! Tune in Monday, April 9th for Git 101. I’ll take you through a brief history of Git and version control, why it’s important, and cover all the git basics so that you are ready to commit with confidence.
  • Wednesday Thursday: Git for Sysadmins

    • Most Git tutorials and lessons focus on using Git from a developer perspective. I’m going to tell you why and how you should learn git as a System Administrator.
  • Friday Sunday: How Git Works

    • A brief look at how Git Works under the hood. What the hell is a diff and why should I care? How is it so fast? What is so great about distributed version control?
  • Saturday Next Week: Git vs. the Competition

    • Git isn’t the only (distributed) version control system…are the others worth looking at? We will take a brief tour of the history of version control systems to see how we ended up where we are today, and compare Git to the other options.
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